It’s been over a year in the making, but it’s finally here. Aylesbury Vineyard’s first album of home-grown songs: Beloved.

How to listen

(coming soon)

Alternatively CDs are available to buy from the Church office, or on a Sunday morning

Geoff House produced the album, and explains some of the history behind the project:

Songwriting in the local church is something that’s really important to the Vineyard movement, and it’s something that as a church we’re trying to encourage. So back in early 2018 I was inspired to try to put together an album of homegrown songs, bringing together songwriters and musicians from across our church to produce something that would communicate our own voice.

Over 21 songs were submitted to our song panel, which just shows what hidden talent we have in the church! I put together a group of people to arrange, sing and play on the album, and over the following four months we met weekly to worship together, learn the songs and to develop our own unique sound.

Over a weekend in February 2019 we packed our cars with instruments and recording equipment, and travelled up to Huddersfield to the Westwood Christian Centre. It’s a beautiful retreat, deep in the Yorkshire countryside, converted from an old Chapel. The scenery was breathtaking and inspiring and we spent two days worshipping, recording and enjoying each other’s company.

I really felt it was important to try to capture real worship, rather than create a studio album, and I believe we’ve managed that. In many ways I feel the end result is almost a by-product of the process. I really want this project to build a community of songwriting in our church, and by giving us this outlet it will hopefully inspire others to write the songs we’ll be recording and singing next time!