Our Make Lunch programme started in 2014, serving free, nutritious meals in the school holidays to all children and parents struggling on tight budgets.

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Mim Janetta heads up Make Lunch. She first heard about the idea at a conference and was keen to set up the scheme at Aylesbury Vineyard. 

Who does Make Lunch help?

Most are families who’ve ended up in a sticky situation and welcome a safe place to come. Their life circumstances have changed, and they’re struggling for money. We don’t ask about eligibility for free school meals — we want to help any families who are struggling. They usually tell their friends who are in similar situations and we grow through word of mouth.

How many children do you feed?

In the first year, we only did 157 meals, but in the second year, we served 721 and by the summer holidays in the third year we were already up to 741. We’re serving 30+ meals a day right now. Whenever we can, we also give mums free food to take home to feed dad too, or for tea the next day.
Mim Janetta

Mim Janetta